Access Policy

Please be sure to read this policy statement before using the shared high performance computing (HPC) clusters (hereafter, the “Grid LIPI”) managed and hosted by Research Center of Informatics – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

Those who are intended to gain access to and usage of “Grid LIPI” shall agree with the following rules and making use of registration and application system which Research Center of Informatics – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) provides.

User Qualifications

  1. Indonesian citizen who hold Indonesian citizenship including those who live and work overseas.
  2. For security reasons and authentication purposes, valid and acceptable Indonesian identification (resident identity card/driving license/passport) is required.
  3. Member of public and private university (university student is included), public research institution, and national and private industry that verified by providing valid and acceptable membership identification card.

Online registration

Those who meet all the (user qualifications) requirements above should make registration through “Grid LIPI” web application system and submit all information and documents that inquired in the application form.  Please note, an application form with incomplete/empty data fields cannot be processed further until all data completely filled.

Project/Research proposal

Those who want to gain access to “Grid LIPI” must submit project/research proposal which mainly emphasizes on how “Grid LIPI” facilities can help them to achieve the aims and objectives of their project/research.

The content and feasibility of the submitted proposal will be assessed by screening committee of “Grid LIPI”. In briefly, the screening committee will be evaluating the value, merit, coherence, and judicious allocation of computer resources that needed. Those whose proposal was accepted will receive official notification via email and interviewed by the screening committee for final evaluation. The “Grid LIPI” user candidates who passed both proposal screening and interview process will be granted access to “Grid LIPI”. For those who failed the notification will also be informed to each of them.


All users of “Grid LIPI” who publish, submit, and present their computational works in scientific journals, conferences, web pages, books, project/research reports, and others must acknowledge the support of “Grid LIPI” facilities for having used the computing system by including the following statement below in the acknowledgement section of their published/submitted project/research works.

Ex 1) The authors thank “Grid LIPI” HPC clusters, Research Center for Informatics, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) for the use of the facilities.

Ex 2) The computation in this work has been done using the facilities of “Grid LIPI” HPC clusters, Research Center for Informatics, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).