2015 ICTP - BATAN - LIPI Regional School on High Performance Computing Tools for Computational Scien

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High Performance Computing (HPC) is a key and enabling technology for advance scientific researches. HPC tools allow modeling and simulation for many complex systems. HPC has a wide range of applications such as: complex design and manufacturing for industrial engineering, data mining for big data in computer science, computational physics, computational biology, computational chemistry, and computational linguistic. Many institutions in South East Asia countries have invested HPC infrastructure for local scientists. In Indonesia, LIPI already maintains an HPC infrastructure in two campuses, Bandung and Cibinong. The facilities are open for public, in particular scientific communities. The school is intended to provide a training ground for the potential users from both Indonesia and neighboring countries.

In 2013, the HPC was conducted in Bandung focused on the HPC administration and maintenance, including building cluster from scratch, the introduction of some parallel programming concept and some representative parallel codes in computational science.

This year school is the continuation of the 2013 HPC school. It is focused on some technical skills for the HPC users, in particular the molecular dynamics simulation using Large-Scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator (LAMMPS).

Venue and Date

    Research Center for Informatics
    Gd. 20 (3rd floor), LIPI Cisitu, Jl. Cisitu
    Bandung - Indonesia

    1-5 December 2015

For further information, please visit: http://www.lipi.go.id/www.cgi?pengumuman&1446813409&&2015&&ina

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