Automatic Translator for Diagnosis Related Group of Healthcare Providers in Indonesia

Automatic Term Recognition, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Term Recognition

The objectives of this research are:
1. To make Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithm which is capable of mapping medical record being input by
physicians into ICD-9 and ICD-10
2. To make a component of INA-CBGs system that will replace manual coder to automatic coder.


The methodology of this research divided into four parts, the first one is research, second is data collecting, third is programming
and last writing of thesis and journal. Objective of the research is to investigate the best algorithm used in the
research, to find the appropriate program to code the algorithm, and to find the real condition in Indonesia. This research take
place in Indonesia, so for being accurate, the condition and situation must adapt.
The purpose of data collecting process in this research is to search for appropriate corpus and the real example of Medical
Records. Medical records needed as database and example for the input. The result will represent the actual condition because
the examples are from real medical records.
The programming part of the project involves choosing the best algorithm and appropriate tools used for code. Which will
met the proper need of this research.
The last part of project will be the writing of the thesis and journal. The thesis will present the search, the problem defined,
the findings, the result and the conclusion of this research.


Student :
1. Yohan Muliono, S.Kom.
Advisor :
1. Dott. Ric. Ida Sri Rejeki Siahaan, S.T., M.Sc.
2. Dr. Suharjito, S.Si, MT.

6.Computation plan (required processor core hours, data storage, software, etc)

24 Hours Running Server
+- 200Gb data storage (corpus and other supporting data)
python and c compiler with Linux OS

7.Source of funding
Self Funding
International Journal Publication, Thesis Master Program
9.Date of usage
01/01/2016 - 01/06/2016
10.Gpu usage
use gpu
11.Supporting files
12.Created at
13.Approval status